Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric

 Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric

Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
Renault Twingo

the queen of city cars, even more trendy! discover the price of the 100% electric Twingo E-Tech, its specifications, its design and its autonomy.


Sparkling, customizable and still easy to handle, the 100% electric Twingo E-Tech remains faithful to its endearing personality while asserting its new 100% electric identity. Benefit from up to 190km of WLTP range on a full cycle and up to 270km on an urban cycle. Cover these kilometers in the city in unprecedented silence and comfort and recharge 80 km in just 30 minutes.

5 reasons to go electric :

  • Twingo E-Tech electric, queen of city cars, recharges on all infrastructures, from the reinforced socket to the charging station, including public AC 22kW terminals.
  • The autonomy of Twingo E-Tech electric allows you to travel up to 190km of WLTP autonomy on a full cycle and up to 270km on an urban cycle.
  • Enjoy electric driving: its 60kW (82hp) electric motor adapts perfectly to its compact format and its versatility both in urban environments and on the road.
  • Benefit from the ecological bonus of €5,000 and the conversion bonus of up to €2,500 for the purchase of your electric Twingo E-Tech.
  • Enjoy lower charging costs than fuel costs, reduced maintenance expenses and free parking in select cities.

Always more fun...

Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
Accustomed to city trips? Tackle urban traffic with ease with the 100% electric Twingo E-Tech! Its 60kW (82hp) electric motor combines perfectly with its compact format and the best turning radius in its category. The 100% electric Twingo E-Tech combines the agility and maneuverability of a city car with the dynamism of an electric motor.
It’s definitely the most electrifying Twingo!

Live electric with ease...

With its 22kWh battery, the 100% electric Twingo E-Tech allows you to benefit from 190km of WLTP autonomy on a full cycle and up to 270km on an urban cycle. Enough to see the week come slowly!

Activate ECO mode and benefit from even more autonomy thanks to a limitation of acceleration and maximum speed on expressways.

  Thanks to its chameleon charger, charge the 100% electric Twingo E-Tech at your home, at work or at a public terminal. Recover up to 80% charge in just 1 hour and up to 80km of range in 30 minutes of charging.

... thanks to connected services adapted to your daily life.

Enjoy a complete multimedia experience! Schedule your next recharge, check the battery level, view your reachable area, display the nearest charging point... From your EASY LINK 7'' multimedia screen or using your MY Renault application, benefit from Z.E. connected services. Specially designed for the 100% electric Twingo E-Tech, they allow you to optimize your journeys.
Your daily electric life has never been so simple!

100% electric E-Tech vehicles

Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
100% electric E-Tech technology is one of Renault's responses to the new mobility challenges. Know-how based on more than 10 years of experience both in development and in daily support thanks to our network of dealerships.

Driving a 100% electric Renault E-Tech vehicle means enjoying responsive, fluid, silent driving without harmful or CO2 emissions.

100% electric E-Tech, in 5 points:


A car equipped with 100% electric Renault E-Tech technology emits no pollutants during its use, allowing you to access low-emission zones.


A “full tank” 3 times more economical than a thermal vehicle thanks to exclusively electric charging, at a public terminal or at home. Maintenance is up to 30% less expensive, thanks to more durable components.


Smoother and more responsive driving than thermal vehicles. Renault E-Tech vehicles provide increased driving pleasure thanks to engine response.


The electric car is quiet when starting and driving above 30 km/h. No noise or vibration for your journeys.


Renault E-Tech vehicles come from our experience in designing electric cars: since 2012 and the launch of Renault Zoe which affirmed the Renault brand's status as an electric precursor.

simply drive electric

Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
Daily life behind the wheel of an electric vehicle is very simple.
Find all the answers to your most frequently asked questions to make your driving experience easier and to help you maintain your Renault. You will find simple answers to your questions about autonomy, battery, solutions and charging times in our FAQ and on our dedicated pages.

your questions about electric vehicles:


The main reasons to go electric:
  • The electric vehicle is more ecological to use and respectful of the environment: it does not emit CO2, no smoke, or particles from combustion.
  • It is economical to use: fewer maintenance costs, electricity costs lower than fuel costs, free parking in certain cities, access to low-emission zones, etc.
  • It is pleasant to drive: silent, without vibrations or shifting, dynamic with clear pick-ups and acceleration.


Battery life depends on the type of battery, but also on the electric motor with which it is associated.
The battery has a capacity expressed in kWh, this capacity is comparable to the capacity of a tank. The electric motor consumes more or less battery capacity, depending on the vehicle model, its mass and its options.
The range also varies depending on other external factors such as the type of road taken, speed, temperature or even driving style.
Resulting from innovations in research and development, vehicles equipped with a 100% electric Renault E-Tech engine benefit from technologies dedicated to optimizing their autonomy such as the heat pump or preconditioning.
Renault therefore offers vehicles with different levels of autonomy to adapt to daily use:

  • Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric - up to 470 km WLTP
  • Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% electric - up to 395 km WLTP
  • Renault Twingo E-Tech 100% electric - up to 270 km WLTP
  • Renault Twizy E-Tech 100% electric - up to 100 km WLTP
  • Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric - up to 204 km WLTP
Good to know :
The ECO mode of your vehicle adapts the different settings to give you greater autonomy.
Using the heat pump also significantly reduces your energy consumption needed to heat your vehicle and thus preserves your autonomy.


Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
The charging time of a vehicle depends on:

  • From the vehicle itself, the capacity of its battery and the power of the integrated charger.
  • External elements such as the power of the socket or charging station and the intensity accepted by the power cable.
You can consult the charging times specific to each Renault electric vehicle on the charging page.

Good to know: the charging time is not linear, it is more or less rapid depending on the state of charge of the battery and the temperature. For example, the last 20% are the slowest to load. This is why it is recommended to recharge before falling below the 15% threshold and not to charge more than 80% on a daily basis or at a fast terminal.


The price of recharging an electric vehicle varies from one vehicle to another, from one household to another, from one terminal to another and depends on the price of electricity.
To know it you will therefore need to know:

  • Where is the charging done? The price of electricity at home or in public places is not the same.
  • When does charging take place? Electricity costs less during off-peak hours than during peak hours.
  • Which electricity supplier is associated with the chosen terminal and what contract is applied? Again, prices vary.
  • What model of car do we want to recharge? The capacity of the battery influences its full capacity, in the same way that the capacity of a fuel tank influences its full capacity.
Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
Some indications:
With a terminal or an electricity contract charging a rate of around 20 cents per kWh, recharging the 100% electric Renault Megane E-Tech costs between €12 and €15 for around 60 kWh.
With Mobilize charge pass, identify the prices charged by the different terminals and simply access the 1,700 stations in Europe thanks to the partnership with IONITY.
Off-peak hours are generally between 9:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. and between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.


Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
The consumption of an electric car depends on several parameters such as the mass of the vehicle, the type of road, the driving style, etc.

These elements are reconstituted during a European procedure called WLTP to define consumption and autonomy.

If we cannot therefore provide an overall figure for all electric cars, we can however give an average per vehicle model. Thus, 100% electric Megane E-Tech consumes around 15.5k Wh/100 km over the WLTP approval cycle (versus around 6L/100 km for a petrol equivalent).

It is interesting to note that the consumption of an electric car can be controlled thanks to the various integrated technologies, such as ECO mode.


Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
The answer is yes. And this, according to a study published on April 21, 2020 by Transport & Environment (T&E),
a European organization which brings together around fifty NGOs. This study places diesel, gasoline and electric vehicles at the heart of several possible scenarios. Whatever the scenario, the conclusion is the same, the electric vehicle emits less CO2.
In the best case, up to 81% less.

Because if it is true that the manufacture of an electric vehicle has a heavier carbon impact than the manufacture of a thermal vehicle, once in circulation, its CO2 emissions are zero and those of particles, low. The carbon footprint of an electric vehicle is less and less significant throughout its life cycle.

limited series: TWINGO Urban Night

Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric

an ultra trendy city car

Twingo limited series Urban Night marks the city with its unique style. With its total black look marked with urban stripping, it reinvents the night. Its references: street culture, fashion, outsider art. Agile, confident in both the electric and gasoline versions, it makes the street its element.

urban icon

Inside, Twingo limited series Urban Night takes care of this radical look in detail. From the dashboard to the seat upholstery, exclusive inserts and strippings play with the codes of urban culture. Its black lacquered dashboard and central console enhanced with an exclusive Urban Night sticker recall the exterior design language.

assertive design

Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric
On the outside, its shiny black rims, its dark-tinted rear windows and its grille with white inserts enhance its urban character. Dressed in a specific black or white striping, dare to contrast with the color of the bodywork or the tone-on-tone effect. Twingo limited series Urban Night makes a lasting impression.

technological and connected

Twingo limited series Urban Night offers the best of Twingo equipment. Drive safely with the reversing camera, lane departure warning and speed limiter. And for even more comfort, this ultra-limited series is equipped with a rain sensor, an induction charger and automatic air conditioning. Equipped with the 7” easy link system with connected navigation, it takes you all night long.
Renault : TWINGO E-Tech 100% electric