Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX
Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

100% sporty. 100% electric

To enjoy emission-free driving, you no longer have to compromise on anything. Make the most of your 100% electric SUV with all-wheel drive and take it as far as you want. It will excite you like a GTI with the sustainability of an ID.: this is the New ID.4 GTX.
Engine power: 220kW (299CV)
Autonomy: Up to 499km2
Combined electricity consumption: 17.6kWh/100km
CO₂ emissions: 0g/km

Enjoy an electrifying present

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

A more sustainable mobility

The models of the family ID. are produced with a neutral carbon footprint and all our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. Do you join a driving designed for the future?

With all the autonomy you need

You decide how far you want to go and how you want to use your electric ID.: thanks to the innovative battery system with a range of up to 499km 3 (WLTP), you can make longer trips without emissions.

With a higher charging speed

If you drive an electric car from the ID. family, you can choose between three different batteries for your car. What do they have in common? The speed of loading. Connect your car to a 135kW charger and you will recover 80% of its energy in just 33 minutes.
At Volkswagen, we believe that there is an electric model that fits your lifestyle and we have even developed an app to prove it: EV Check. Want to find out if you're ready to take the plunge?

Electric mobility for everyone

If you were thinking of making the leap to more sustainable mobility, now you will have no doubts. Choose the New ID.4 GTX and enjoy up to €7,000 5 in aid with the Government's MOVES III Plan.

Driving: Sporty and sustainable in equal parts

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

label 0

Being zero, now, adds up more than ever. With the DGT 0 emissions label, you can drive through the city center whenever you want, in addition to having many other benefits, discounts, and aid depending on the autonomous community in which you are.

sports suspension

The New ID.4 GTX is sporty to the core. Literally. Its shock absorbers, stabilizers, and running gear are specially adjusted so that you feel the adrenaline and all the control on your trips.

Four-wheel drive

Enjoy the total traction of your New ID.4 GTX whenever you want. But especially where you want. With its two electric motors, you will have all the power distributed to all four wheels so that you can go strong whatever the road.


Did you know that electric motors are practically silent? So that your electric vehicle is completely safe, we have generated a driving sound that will accompany you while you travel and will make the rest perceive you. Enjoy a new soundtrack behind the wheel.

A charging network throughout Europe

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

You can enjoy more than 340,000 stations distributed throughout Europe, including IONITY, to charge your electricity at maximum speed. With 100% renewable energy and in a totally simple way through We Charge.


The latest, always
At the wheel of the New ID.4 GTX you will feel a little closer to the future. For example, you will only need your voice to change the song. Or because you will have the directions of the navigator projected in front of you on the road. And this is just the beginning.

We Connect

Connect with your New ID.4 GTX
Internet in your car means being online with your loved ones, discovering unique recommendations or the route with the least traffic to reach your destination. In addition, it has many other features: saving the location of your car park to having automatic assistance when you need it most.

head-up display

What you want, in front of you
You will have everything in view without taking your eyes off the road. With Head-up Display 6, you'll see speed, navigation directions, and much more right on the windshield of your New ID.4 GTX.

Your New ID.4 GTX listens to you

Communicate with your car without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes off the road. Get what you want just using your voice.
Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

Keyless opening and closing system

welcomes you with open doors
Forget looking for the keys to get into your car. Just by carrying them in your pocket, your New ID.4 GTX will automatically recognize you and unlock its doors. Welcome home.

Delivery times at Volkswagen

It may take us a little longer, but the wait will be worth it.
We want you to enjoy your new Volkswagen now, but it's not just up to us. High demand for cars and low availability of semiconductors does not allow us to deliver as fast as we would like. But we assure you that it will be worth the wait.


The sportiest version of the ID. range, with up to 499km of autonomy.
GTX equipment features
  • High voltage battery 77 kWh (net)
  • Electric motor consolidated useful power 220 kW
  • Rim 20" Ystad
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Set of rear lights in 3D LED technology
  • "Front Assist" emergency braking function with the pedestrian detection system
  • Signal recognition system
  • Acoustic parking sensors "Park Pilot" (front and rear)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control "ACC"
  • Wire & Wireless App-Connect (wireless function available for Apple)

Volkswagen ID. Charger

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX
The battery charger for your electric car
As easy as plugging it in while you go to sleep: with an ID. Charger installed at home, charging your car will be easy. Discover the different types of chargers for your home and choose the one that best suits you.


the car you dreamed of
It seems too pretty to be true. But the truth is that it exists. In addition to convincing you to be sporty and sustainable, you won't be able to take your eyes off your new electric SUV.

Exterior design: You will make an impression

Electric mobility has never looked so sporty. From the gloss black front grille to the anthracite C-pillar decoration, to the light strip running from headlight to headlight: you won't be able to resist the character of the New ID.4 GTX.
Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

Tires: Every detail adds up

With your New ID.4 GTX you will step strong wherever you go. Impossible not to do it with its futuristic 20-inch wheels included as standard in the design, don't you think?

Interior design: You will want to be inside

Whatever color you choose for the bodywork, it will match the roof and longitudinal bars. If you stay with the optional King Red, you'll take the ensemble down to the upholstery seams. Not to mention the gloss anthracite finish on the roof frame and C-pillar, which round off a round interior design.

Headlights: You will see clearly

Light is a hallmark of our new generation electric family. What will impress you most: is the light strip that joins the LED headlights and the Volkswagen logo. Even the handles and air curtains at the front will surprise you with lighting that has been thought out in detail.

Comfort: Your new favorite views

Volkswagen: New ID.4 GTX

Panoramic sunroof: Open to new possibilities

With the panoramic roof of the New ID.4 GTX, the sky is also within your reach. Add it to your car and you will increase visibility, the feeling of spaciousness, and interior lighting. You just have to ask for it out loud and your ID. will show you the stars.

Ambient lighting : The color of sportiness

You'll see your New ID.4 GTX in a different light. Specifically, you have up to 30 options to choose the one you most want daily. What color is your next adventure? And that curvy road that you enjoy so much?

Attendees: Discover the mobility of the future

Correct your address if you stray
You will keep your address effortlessly. With this assistant, your New ID.4 GTX detects the lane lines and, in the event of an inadvertent departure, it warns you. Plus, if you don't respond to the signal, the vehicle smoothly turns the steering wheel to keep you safe on the road.