Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX: 100% electric SUV coupé, even sportier

Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX
Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

New ID.5 GTX

GTX sportiness. Sustainability I.D.
Hold on tight to the road, because with the New ID.5 GTX sporty driving reaches another level. Feel how the power is transmitted through the dual-motor four-wheel drive, and experience the thrill of the asphalt knowing that your emissions are zero.
Engine power: 220 kW (299 hp)
Autonomy: Up to 512 km
Combined electricity consumption: 17.1kWh/100km
CO₂ emissions: 0g/km

Enjoy an electrifying present

A more sustainable mobility
The models of the family ID. they are produced with a neutral carbon footprint and all our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. Do you join a driving designed for the future?

With all the autonomy you need

You decide how far you want to go and how you want to use your electric ID.: thanks to the innovative battery system, you can make longer trips without emissions.
Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

With a higher charging speed

If you drive an electric car from the ID. family, you can choose between three different batteries for your car. What do they have in common? The speed of loading. Connect your car to a 135kW charger and you will recover 80% of its energy in just 33 minutes.

Now is the time to switch to electric

At Volkswagen, we believe that there is an electric model that fits your lifestyle and we have even developed an app to prove it: EV Check. Want to find out if you're ready to take the plunge?

Driving: Electric power for any type of terrain

Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

Four-wheel drive

It doesn't matter if you're driving through a big city or over an idyllic mountain pass. The innovative dual-motor four-wheel drive system of the New ID.5 GTX will give you the sporty power you need to reach your destination, with a top speed of 180 km/h.

sports suspension

Do you really want to hug the road? The New ID.5 GTX makes it possible. Optionally equip it with a sports suspension with a particularly firm setting of the springs, shock absorbers and stabilizers. The standard progressive steering ensures greater manoeuvrability, especially in sporty driving styles or on winding roads.
Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

label 0

Being zero, now, adds up more than ever. With the DGT 0 emissions label, you can drive through the city center whenever you want, in addition to having many other benefits, discounts and aid depending on the autonomous community in which you are.


To make driving your car safer, your New ID.5 GTX is quieter inside and slightly noisier outside up to a speed of 30 km/h. In this way, pedestrians perceive it more easily.


Connect wherever you are
Let yourself go to the most unexplored corners without ever losing connection with your New ID.5 GTX.
Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

We Connect

Connect with your New ID.5 GTX
Stay in line with your loved ones, discover unique recommendations or the route with the least traffic to reach your destination. In addition, with the We Connect app, you will have other features such as controlling the temperature from your mobile or requesting automatic assistance when you need it most.

voice control

Say “Hello” to your New ID.5 GTX
Keep your eyes on the road and easily control the radio, optional navigation system or phone with intuitive voice control. As soon as you use it, you will receive a visual feedback through the ID. Light that will guide you down the road more calmly.
Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

Discover Pro Radio Navigation System

The perfect song for every moment
With the optional Discover Pro navigation system you can access millions of songs, exclusive content or podcasts, connecting your account with Apple Music.

head-up display

pioneer navigation
The optional augmented reality display projects relevant information directly into the field of view of the windshield. In this way, you will reach your destination more comfortably, without taking your eyes off the road.

Delivery times at Volkswagen

It may take us a little longer, but the wait will be worth it
We want you to enjoy your new Volkswagen now, but it's not just up to us. A high demand for cars and low availability of semiconductors does not allow us to deliver as fast as we would like. But we assure you that it will be worth the wait.


Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX
The sportiest version of the ID. range, with up to 490km of autonomy.
GTX equipment features
  • High voltage battery 82 kWh
  • Electric motor consolidated useful power 220 kW
  • Rim 20" Ystad
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Set of rear lights in 3D LED technology
  • Emergency braking assistant "Front Assist" with pedestrian detection system
  • Signal recognition system
  • Acoustic parking sensors "Park Pilot" (front and rear)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control "ACC"
  • Wire & Wireless App-Connect (wireless function available for Apple)

Volkswagen ID. Charger

The battery charger for your electric car
As easy as plugging it in while you go to sleep: with an ID. Charger installed at home, charging your car will be easy. Discover the different types of chargers for your home and choose the one that best suits you.


Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX
Colors that mark character
Express yourself through your New ID.5 GTX and the wide range of colors and contrast that will be in tune with your overwhelming personality.

Exterior design

It will manage to divert your gaze
Powerful, sporty and expressive. This is how the New ID.5 GTX looks from the outside, with its aerodynamic silhouette, characteristic of the contours of a coupé. It is easily recognized as a GTX thanks to the futuristic 20-inch alloy wheels.


An explosion of colors
Choose the color you like best for the exterior of your New ID.5 GTX and personalize it to the fullest. An optional Kings Red metallic paint finish is available, which will underline the sporty character of this SUV.

Interior design

space for experiences
Sportiness also means comfort in the New ID.5 GTX thanks to the ample space in the rear seats. Up to five people can travel comfortably in the car, in addition to having a large capacity trunk.


Go on any kind of adventure
The optional trailer bracket is designed for loads up to 750kg unbraked or up to 1,200kg braked. On trips when you don't need it, you can fold it under the bumper.

Comfort: Enjoy the best views

Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

panoramic sunroof

heavenly views
Discover the sky thanks to the optional panoramic sunroof, which extends almost the entire top of the New ID.5 GTX. The tinted windows guarantee a comfortable temperature inside the car.

ambient lighting

Give it a touch of color
Give your New ID.5 GTX more personality with ambient light colors. You have up to 30 optional shades to softly illuminate the interior of the car, including the instrument panel, the mobile phone tray and the doors.

Assistants: The New ID.5 GTX makes it even easier for you

Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX

parking attendant

Help you park your car
Feel comfortable while driving, also when parking. With this assistant, you will only have to accelerate, change gear or brake and your car will take care of the rest of the maneuvers.

Lane Keeping Assistant

Correct your address if you stray
You will keep your address effortlessly. With this assistant, your New ID.5 GTX detects the lines of the lane and, in the event of an involuntary departure, warns you. Plus, if you don't respond to the signal, the vehicle smoothly turns the steering wheel to keep you safe on the road.

front assistant

Volkswagen: ID.5 GTX
Detects obstacles and brakes in case of danger
Thanks to this technology, your New ID.5 GTX will detect any obstacle that unexpectedly appears in front of you. It can even brake automatically if you don't arrive on time.

360° vision

shows you around
View a 360° image of everything around you on the browser screen. Thus, maneuvering in difficult situations will be much easier.

adaptive cruise control

Maintains proper speed and distance
This assistant adapts to the traffic around you so that when you feel like it, your New ID.5 GTX maintains a constant speed without you having to press the accelerator. In addition, it helps you prevent accidents by adjusting your speed and distance from the car in front at all times.

city ​​emergency brake

Slow down if you anticipate an impact
Drive calmly, even if you do it in a big city. Your New ID.5 GTX will brake if it detects imminent danger in front of you to reduce or avoid a possible impact.


lighting assistants
With IQ.LIGHT, your New ID.5 GTX automatically dims the lights to prevent them from dazzling other drivers. Thus, you can enjoy the best lighting during the day, at night or in any weather situation without worry.
In addition, the Coming Home and Leaving Home system illuminates the surroundings of your car as you approach or move away from it so that, whether you are on the road or have already arrived at your destination, you always feel accompanied.