Volkswagen: ID.4

Volkswagen: New ID.4: 100% SUV. 100% electric

Volkswagen: ID.4
Volkswagen: ID.4
For: $455/month
Engine power: 150kW (204CV)
Combined electricity consumption: 16.2 - 17.6kWh/100km
CO₂ emissions: 0g/km

Our first electric SUV

Its new concept of interior space tastes like freedom. It has performance that makes the future come true, and it's so intuitive that it will inadvertently make your life easier. If you want to make the leap to electric without giving up the thrill of driving an SUV, the New ID.4 is made for you.

With all the autonomy you need

You decide how far you want to go and how you want to use your electric ID.: thanks to the innovative battery system with a range of up to 531km (WLTP), you can make longer trips without emissions.

Ready with your Volkswagen ID. Charger

As easy as plugging it in while you go to sleep: with an ID. Charger installed at home, charging your car will be easy. Discover the different types of chargers for your home and choose the one that best suits you.

What electric charger can I buy for my house?
We have already seen it: semi-fast charging is the most efficient and easiest way to charge your electric every day. Here you have different charger options so you can choose the one that best suits what you need.
This first charger works at a maximum power of 11kW (three-phase), which takes 6 hours to recharge the ID.3's 58kWh battery. It has a simple, modern and elegant design and has an optional protection against power surges. Its price is $479.
Volkswagen: ID.4

Volkswagen ID. ChargerConnect
In addition to the basic functionalities, the Volkswagen ID. Charger Connect can connect to the internet through the home network or to the mobile via LAN or WLAN. Optionally, it can include LTE connectivity. The great advantage of having a connected charger: you can control it remotely, update its software and manage its maintenance from wherever you want. Its price is $679.
as comfortable as charging your electric while you are at home.

Volkswagen ID. Charger Pro
This latest charger is the most advanced of the three and has all the features of the Volkswagen ID. Charger Connect, plus LTE connectivity as standard. Its price is $849.

The ID. Charger that best suits you
Do you know what ID. Charger is the one that suits you best? Know the characteristics of each electric charger and choose the one that best suits the electrical installation of your home. Now is the time. We changed our course to reduce emissions. We are committed and we are going for it: our goal is to be totally neutral in CO2 emissions by 2050, as established by the global Paris Agreement to slow down climate change. We tell you what we are doing to be more sustainable.

A more sustainable mobility

Being zero, now, adds up more than ever. With the DGT 0 emissions label, you can drive through the city center whenever you want, in addition to having many other benefits, discounts and aid depending on the autonomous community in which you are.

Labels: All about Label 0 and the ECO Label
Benefits: Being zero, now, adds up more than ever
If you drive any of our electric or hybrid models, you will be contributing to an emission-free future. And not only that. In addition, you will enjoy all the advantages of having an environmental label from the DGT.
Volkswagen: ID.4
Keep in mind that the benefits of driving with Label 0 and the ECO Label vary depending on the city or autonomous community in which you are. Even so, there are aids that you can enjoy wherever you are, such as those of the Government's MOVES III Plan to buy an electric or hybrid car with a subsidy.

get your offer

New ID.4 Pro 128 kW (174 hp)
My Renting: $455/month
48 months | $12,002.00 entrance fee (VAT included)
Maintenance, assistance, insurance service and complementary repair service.

  • Recognition of traffic signs
  • Acoustic parking distance control sensor "Park Pilot" front and rear
  • ACC adaptive cruise control
  • Emergency braking assistant "Front Assist" with pedestrian detection system
  • High voltage battery 52kWh (net)
  • Rim 18" Falun
  • LED headlights with automatic low beam activation

Volkswagen new in stock

Do you want a New ID.4 with immediate delivery?
We have good news: in less than a month you can be driving the car you want. You just need to find a New ID.4 in stock near you, lock it up while you decide whether to keep it, and have it delivered to your dealer sooner than you think.

Electric mobility for everyone

If you were thinking of making the leap to more sustainable mobility, now you will have no doubts. Choose the New ID.4 and enjoy up to $7,000 in aid with the Government's MOVES III Plan.


Electric mobility for everyone
Taking care of the planet always pays off. For this reason, the Government offers an aid program for you to join a more sustainable mobility. Get your grant and drive a Volkswagen plug-in hybrid or 100% electric. We tell you how.
Volkswagen: ID.4

Design and driving: A new form of adrenaline

Exterior design: Molded by the wind
The designers of the New ID.4 took inspiration from nature to define its organic and fluid form. You just need to see it. As in a dune, you will be able to observe a smooth line interrupted by a clean and defined crest.

Ambient lighting: Choose the color of your trips

Whether you're driving through bright city lights, or traveling in the dark on a country road in the middle of the night, you can tailor your car's interior with up to 30 dim lighting color options.

Interior space: Welcome to a new space

The New ID.4 reinvents its interior with more space for you and your loved ones: a wheelbase of 2.76m confirms this. You can stretch your legs, enjoy the seats and choose or not the center console for more space.

Acceleration: Instant Goosebumps

Without changes and without waiting: with your new generation electric you can reach the maximum emotion from the beginning. The New ID.4 goes from 0 to 100km/h in just eight and a half seconds.

Panoramic sunroof: Open to new possibilities

With the panoramic roof, the sky is also
puts at your fingertips. You can increase visibility, the feeling of spaciousness and lighting inside your car. You just have to ask for it out loud and your ID. will show you the stars.
Volkswagen: ID.4

4Motion: Four-wheel drive

If your thing is to go all out, choose 4Motion: this four-wheel drive system will give your New ID.4 the necessary power to overcome any terrain.

She already drives a Volkswagen

She loved the car. We are already users of an ID.3 and an e-up, so we know the world of electrics, but this ID.4 is amazing, bigger, taller and more powerful, and with fantastic rear-view mirrors, we have been very happy.
We found a spectacular hotel, which we liked a lot and only when we arrived we let the warrior (ID.4) rest, he also had his own room in the hotel. We have enjoyed an exceptional meal.
We thank Volkswagen and Sala Hermanos for this experience.
Margarita Salome from Alcoy, Alicante.
Winner of the 2021 Christmas contest and driver of the ID.3

Technology: A model ahead of its time

Volkswagen: ID.4


Connect with your New ID.4
With internet in your car, everything is easier. Receive information in real time or increase your entertainment at the wheel thanks to our digital services: We Connect, We Connect Plus and App-Connect.

Discover Pro Radio Navigation System

The company you want behind the wheel
With the Discover Pro system, you can check the status of your car, listen to music or find out the latest news from the nine-inch screen. You will have the best Infotainment with a simple hand movement.

voice control

Your New ID.4 listens to you
Communicate with your car without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes off the road. Get what you want just using your voice.

Keyless opening and closing system

welcomes you with open doors
Forget looking for the keys to get into your car. Just by carrying them in your pocket, your New ID.4 will recognize you and unlock its doors automatically. Welcome home.
Volkswagen: ID.4

Assistants: For superior driving: IQ.DRIVE

As far as you want to go, Graphic of assistants driving an ID.4 on an urban highway. Long journeys have never been so comfortable. With the assistants for driving your New ID.4, you only have to think about enjoying the trip.

Delivery times at Volkswagen

It may take us a little longer, but the wait will be worth it. We want you to enjoy your new Volkswagen now, but it's not just up to us. A high demand for cars and low availability of semiconductors does not allow us to deliver as fast as we would like. But we assure you that it will be worth the wait.

Configurator: Choose your finish

Volkswagen: ID.4


Closer to autonomous driving, with up to 531km of autonomy.
Pro Equipment Features
  • High voltage battery 77 kWh (net)
  • 4 "Hamar" light-alloy wheels 8J x 19 in Black, polished turned surface
  • LED headlights with automatic low beam activation
  • Rear lights in LED technology
  • Emergency braking assistant "Front Assist" with pedestrian detection system
  • Traffic Sign Recognition System
  • Front and rear acoustic parking sensors
  • Adaptive Cruise Control "ACC"
  • Wire & Wireless App-Connect (wireless function available for Apple)